NieR Re[in]carnation Chill Out Arrangement Tracks

Available on 3 August 2022

Sound Produce: Okabe Keiichi

Original Music Composition: Okabe Keiichi, Seo Shotaro


All Music Produced by Okabe Keiichi (MONACA) Co-Produced by Kai Ishikawa (BISHOP MUSIC)
Tōriame - 通リ雨 Arranged by Yukihiro Atsumi
Arranged and performanced by Yukihiro Atsumi

Ikō - 威光 Arranged by tomisiro feat. DJ Synthesizer
Remix and Additional Production by tomisiro feat. DJ Synthesizer

Inori - 祈リ Arranged by ermhoi
Performanced by ermhoi (All instruments) Mixed by ermhoi

Gōgan - 傲岸 Arranged by Christian Gulino
Arranged, Recorded and Mixed by Christian Gulino

Shinpan - 審判 Arranged by Shun Ishikawa
Arranged by Shun Ishikawa Performanced by Shun Ishikawa (Drums and other all instruments) Recording Engineer Akihito Yoshikawa Recorded at Studio Dede
Artists Management:Jun Abe (APOLLO SOUNDS) Mixing Engineer:yasu2000 (big turtle STUDIOS) Mixing Engineer Management:Mayu Fujisawa (origami PRODUCTIONS)

Kaikyō - 懐郷 Arranged by Fred Everything
Remixed by Fred Everything Remix, additional production and instruments by Frédéric Blais

Kyūsai - 救済 Arranged by Hiro-a-key
Vocals and other instruments:Hiro-a-key Mix Engineer:yasu2000 (big turtle STUDIOS) Artist Management:Mayu Fujisawa (origami PRODUCTIONS) Hiro-a-key appears by the courtesy of origami PRODUCTIONS

Sabigoe - 寂声 Arranged by Sapphire Slows
Performanced by Sapphire Slows (All instruments) Recorded by Sapphire Slows Mixed by Hiranya Access

Aun - 阿吽 Arranged by yuki kawamura
Remixed by Yuki Kawamura (OIRAN MUSIC) Mixed by House Violence

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